Fully integrated self-ordering

Every second host suffers from a shortage of waiters. The digital waiter from servier.bar provides hosts with more sales & happier guests without additional staff.

Digital menu
Ordering system
Payment system
Data Analysis

The upgrade for all who serve

Gastronomes are supported by servier.bar through self-ordering to increase service levels, relieve their staff and boost sales. Guests get a personalized experience every time they visit thanks to a digital menu. This is adjusted to personal preferences. Orders can be placed anywhere and at any time. Payment is secure, fast & contactless via all major payment providers.

Customer loyalty & marketing at the POS
Ordering system & payment system
Reporting & Analyses

Order. Enjoy. Review.

Your design

Individuality and your corporate design are close to our hearts. For this reason, we only work with excellent agencies and photographers/videographers.

High end solution

A web application that is second to none. Under the most modern standards and specifications, something new is created day by day on the servier.bar platform. And all benefit from free updates!

Your advantages with servier.bar

More customer satisfaction
Fewer errors, shorter waiting times and perfect service. You’ll notice your guests are happier all around.
Scan and go
No download and no account needed. Your guests can simply order via browser and enjoy your specialties!
Artificial intelligence
servier.bar uses artificial intelligence to recognize and target your guests’ ordering habits.
Self Order Terminal
We offer the perfect solution for the use of a self-order terminal, from hardware to software.
More turnover
Through servier.bar and the adaptation of internal processes, you can generate up to 70% more revenue.
5 languages
You can translate your menu into 5 languages. Give your guests a sense of attention.
More tip
Simply increase your tip with our intelligent tipping functions. You can define your own steps for tipping, for example 5 %, 10 % and 15 %.
No effort
From then on, all changes in the cash register are automatically applied in real time and all orders flow directly into your cash register, receipt printer and the ordermans of the waiters.
Payment methods
Your guests can pay how they want. We have integrated all important methods into our system. In addition, these are stored in the browser and can be automatically used again with a second order.
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Fully integrated

So that nothing changes in your everyday life, we have the suitable interface into your POS system. Every day we work on new integrations and enhancements. And the best thing is: we can of course also integrate your POS system for you (:

Article takeover

Billing as usual

Advanced evaluations

Simple setup


Customized integrations into your POS system

We enable seamless checkout integration for order processing as you know it. All changes in the cash register are applied in real time and all orders flow directly into your cash register, receipt printer and the ordermans of the waiters.

One solution, all payment methods.

Simply let your guests pay themselves via smartphone and benefit from first-class conditions and time savings for your team. All payments are recorded directly in the cash register and managed centrally for you.

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Your design
We cater to your wishes and offer a wide range of customizations. We look forward to your ideas and concepts!
Marketing Support
Our marketing specialists and partners help restaurateurs and sponsors achieve optimal integration.
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Just order, pay and save time!

The best application for a smooth ordering process that is seamlessly integrated. Simply increase sales and make guests happy. Reduce waiting times and running costs!
10-14 March 2023

We are at the Internorga fair









The leading international trade fair is finally back. The entire out-of-home market was able to enjoy a long-awaited new start. Finally with all senses again.