1. Definitions

Offer: The products that are entered into the system by the owner and can be purchased by the customer when the order function is activated.

Order: The customer’s order of an offer from an owner via the system.

Customer: a legal or natural person (over 18 years old) who places an order with the Owner through the system.

System: The web app provided by

Owner: A business registered with that prepares and sells meals, beverages and related offerings. It can be restaurants, bars & cafes.

Company information: The information about the restaurant/café/bar of an owner. This includes name, address, all stored offers incl. their information, delivery costs, personal messages for delivery and/or collection of orders, and uploaded graphics.

Service: the services offered by to the Customer through the System, including placing orders to the relevant Restaurant. However, the services to be provided under the contract between the owner and the customer are not part of’s service. A service of GmbH, Hafenbad 11, 89073 Ulm, Commercial Register: HRB 744170, Registry Court: Ulm

Contract: An agreement between the Customer and the Owner regarding an Order including delivery or collection of the Order. Parties to the contract are the customer and the owner, but not

Subscriptions: The different usage packages offered by

2. Identity of GmbH
Harbour bath 11
89073 Ulm

Commercial register: HRB 732820
Register court: Ulm
Phone: +49 (0) 731 85075960
E-Mail: [email protected]

3. Holder

The owner:

  1. permits to conclude orders on behalf of the proprietor
  2. provides with the company information
  3. is responsible for the accuracy of the Company’s information. is not liable for incorrect information, especially regarding allergens and additives.
  4. allows to provide the company information for marketing campaigns and databases.
  5. allows to offer additional services, whereby these are agreed upon in advance.
  6. ensures accessibility by e-mail and telephone during the specified opening hours

4. Offer

The offer entered in the system is published in the name of the respective owner, based on the provided company information. does not verify the accuracy or completeness of the company information and is not responsible for the performance of the contract between the customer and the owner.

The owner may use ingredients and additives for its food and beverages that may cause allergies and intolerances. is not liable for any consequences and effects of the offers of the owner. The owner has the possibility to specify allergens and other information in the system. Again, distances itself from the accuracy and completeness. If you are allergic to certain foods, you should contact the owner to be sure.

5. order function and payment

The owner can use the digital menu for free (i.e. there are no fees for registering, setting up, maintaining and using the function).
In order to use the ordering feature and securely receive payments from customers, the owner must first set up their account in the dashboard under “Orders”. After onboarding with our partner for payments Stripe, Inc, the owner will receive a confirmation email. It is possible for the holder to withdraw from the contract within 24h without giving any reason. Without withdrawal from the contract within this period, a payment due date arises within the framework of a one-year contract (extension by always another year if not cancelled at least 3 months before). In case of monthly payment the subscription can always be cancelled monthly to the next month. The monthly subscription costs follow the current pricing model on the website. If applicable, a free trial period will apply according to the pricing on the website.
The owner pays a transaction fee of 2.9% + 29ct (per customer per visit) to for orders regardless of the payment method. The guest always pays only the price advertised in the system. takes care of handling the fees depending on the payment method with Stripe, the transaction fee for the owner always remains consistent. The turnover, if any, is transferred to the established account on a daily basis by default. For each transfer, Stripe deducts 0.25% + 10 cents of the amount and the first withdrawal of the month costs 2€. Upon request at, the withdrawal interval can be changed or a personal Stripe credit card can be issued to save on fees.

6. contract between the restaurant and customer

  1. The contract between the owner and the customer is effectively concluded as soon as the customer places the desired items in the shopping cart and subsequently orders them in the system subject to payment.
  2. After receiving the order, will automatically confirm the order to the customer via mail.
  3. The contract can be executed by the owner only if the customer provides correct and complete contact and address information when placing the order. The Customer is obliged to immediately report any inaccuracies in the information (including payment data) transmitted to the Holder via the system.
  4. The customer must be reachable by telephone or e-mail (as specified in the order) for the owner to receive information regarding the status or changes to his order.
  5. is not responsible for the delivery of orders. Any orders placed through the system with the option “Delivery” will be delivered by the owner himself. The current delivery costs are specified by the owner in the system and are displayed to the customer before he places an order.
  6. If the customer selects the option “Delivery”, he must be present at the specified delivery address at the time of delivery. If the customer selects the “Pickup” option, he/she should be present at the owner’s pickup location at the correct time as communicated in the confirmation email, in the system, or by contacting the owner and customer.
  7. assumes no liability for the execution of the contract.

7. Rejection of orders

Given the perishable nature of the offer, the customer is not allowed to cancel the contract. Orders cannot be cancelled by the customer against

8. Liability of is not liable for the offer of the owners in the system or the correctness and completeness of the company information, the execution of the contract between owner and customer and/or the accessibility of the system. The owner has full control over his company information in the system and can modify it at any time in real time.

9. Complaint procedure

The holder is solely responsible for handling customer complaints regarding the contract between the customer and the holder. dissociates itself from any agreements concluded between the customer and the owner.

10. Subscriptions

The minimum term of our usage subscriptions is 12 months from signup, and there is no setup fee. The notice period is 3 months. If not cancelled in time, the tariff is automatically extended by one year. A simple cancellation by mail to [email protected] is sufficient and your contract ends after the minimum term. You can always contact us if you want to upgrade to a larger package.

Status 11/14/2022